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Along the way, I wanted to take off my lined camouflage trousers, as they were very obstructive for a quick advance, but did not take them off.

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All of us worked our way forward, crawling closely behind one another. I did not notice that the warhead of my Panzerfaust had broken off and lost, therefore it was useless. Immediately I remembered that the detonator for the hand grenades had remained in the gas mask container in Ondenval!

My armament now was: a carbine 98 K with rounds of ammunition and my l ittle pistol 6. Here crawling soldiers who had gone before had formed a track for us in the snow. Having the paratrooper cartridge belts now became a handicap. They were made of cloth, were worn round the neck and attached to the belt. The individual cartridge pouches were closed by snaps.

In the crawling and the sliding, I didn't notice that some of the snaps became undone, and I lost part of my ammunition.

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Old Wooden Outhouse staying in the courtyard! I really was not disturbed that the toilet was shaking a bit due to the many shell impacts. For me it simply was a great relief! But only now the danger of my situation became clear to me. I lost no time in pulling up my pants, and jumping, I reached the protective house where I was able to pull them up quietly. The 2nd Battalion Lt.

Moncrieff, pushed forward with supreme effort and gained the outskirts of Thirimont.

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At hours, G Company was meeting heavy resistance from east and south of Thirimont. The advance of E and F Companies was stopped by heavy enemy fire. G Company alone continued to advance and fought to the main street in the rural settlement.

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Thirimont, au centre gauche: la Maison Gallo. Leonhardt Maniura resumes his account: "Now the street fighting from house to house began in Thirimont, houses the Americans had not already taken in their big attack. We also took prisoners. Nearly simultaneously we heard a German MG42 with its typical rapid rate of fire from another house. Joyfully we jumped towards this house and found out too late that the MG42 was MG42 manned by Americans. The comrade with the cigarettes was shot in the belly, held his hands in front of his stomach and called for the medic.

I do not know whether the medic or the doctor who came up in a hurry managed to help my comrade, as the house-to-house fighting continued. Unteroffizier Ernst Schumacher, also from the 15th Pioneer Company remembers: "We received orders to attack Thirimont. The town was now taken by the Americans, and we as pioneer company should retake it.

After the first attempt to retake the town, our company was heavy beaten, and from its men strength, only 30 were still alive, this all happened in just one night! Together with my friend Goldmann, we had taken up positions at town entry behind a thick tree, but we were unable to move because American sharpshooters had found our position. We were waiting for the reinforcements of our tanks that should help us to retake Thirimont. Shortly before hours, we got a nearby hit from the American artillery. Goldmann was hit by shrapnel—one went into the main artery and killed him on the spot.

I moved behind one of the tanks into town. When we reached the centre of town we received heavy artillery fire. I jumped in one of the houses and in the cellar I found back the rest of my company. Concerned about those mines, Sgt. Perry "Cock" Kelly of the rd Tank Battalion stood in the turret of his Sherman tank and swore again at his driver to keep the tank, crawling along in low gear, in the mine-free ruts made in the snow by the passage of previous vehicles. Any slight incline or uneven surface sent the tank slipping sideways.

A thunk on the outside of the hull brought swearing from Cock as he turned his head and was momentarily stunned by the unexpected appearance of a soldier with snow frozen in his hair.

Les Souliers Bruns du Quai Voltaire

The tank tracks had passed over the feet of the hidden figure. The weight of the tank jerked the dead soldier from underneath his snowy shroud and now rudely held him in a position of attention. The dead were less numerous than mines, but of equal concern in the U. Over two days January , the rd Tank Battalion lost fifteen tanks to mines.

However, the artillery fire was ineffective against the German assault guns, and the protection of the houses was available to the German paratroopers as well as the US soldiers. Sturmtiger At that moment, G Company was in possession of a third of Thirimont, but without any support. It had taken about fifty prisoners, but its casualties were also numerous.

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At hours, a group of about one hundred German paratroopers was advancing toward the town from the east and was brought under artillery fire and driven off. Lieutenant Robert S. We could only hope that E Company soon would break through to us. We fought until it became dark, but ammunition got scarce and still we had not received any reinforcements.

When we saw even more soldiers come in our direction with tanks, we pulled our 1st platoon forward in order to try to beat off this attack. It was a sticky situation. We all were discussing how best to get out of here when an enemy tank broke through our lines and cut our company in two. We called up artillery support to keep these tanks away from us but without result, and the tanks fired incessantly at our house and the surrounding houses.

It was stupid trying to reach them, since the road was controlled by the Germans, and we had no means to combat the tank in front of our house. We decided that the men on the other side of the road had to get out of this by themselves. So we tried to get out and most managed to reach the battalion, although Lieutenant Moncrieff was wounded".

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Throughout the day on 13 January, attempts were made by the 2nd Battalion, th Infantry Regiment, to reinforce Moncrieff's position. F Company could not get by the enemy's roadblock and outpost positions. An attempt was made by 1st Lt.

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The woods were almost impenetrable, and German troops in dugout positions effectively halted small groups from infiltrating. The fighting in Thirimont continued throughout the day, and G Company's casualties were mounting. In a telephone conversation made at hours on 13 January to the corps commander, General Hobbs said: "I had come under the assumption that the big unit 1st Infantry Division on our left would do something to relieve the pressure on our left.

If anything can be done to have some elements on the left push along and take the pressure off, it is essential. The rest of G Company left in Thirimont was later learned to have been captured. At about Permission was granted and Moncrieff led his company back through the woods along snow covered trails and in inky blackness. Approximately 40 officers and enlisted men returned, of the force of about that had moved out with G Company that morning.

The strength of G Company on 13 January was enlisted men and 5 officers. On 14 January, it was 84 enlisted men and 3 officers. Thirimont'map used by U. Infantry on Jan. From time to time, shots were fired, but the battle for Thirimont was over for now. GeneralHobbs was at the battalion command post and spoke with Lieutenant Moncrieff before he was evacuated.

Sur le mкme thиme

The strongpoint was a tough objective, particularly for so battered a company as F Company, and it was not seized until after the fall of Thirimont. At about midnight, the 2nd Battalion of the th Infantry Regiment, had withdrawn to their position occupied before the morning attack had been launched.

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Meanwhile, after supporting the initial attack by fire, the 1st Battalion, th Infantry Regiment, 30th Infantry Division, was in readiness for an attack on Ligneuville and had moved forward toward Baugnez. During the night of January, a patrol from the th Infantry Regiment reached the town of Thioux and reported it unoccupied.